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Charlie's new collection 'Free as a bird' A trilogy is now available, Acrylic & Ink on canvas measuring 97 X 73 cm and available for £950 per unit. It is said that a great artist is always before their time; and this stands true of Charlie Carter Art. As a professional artist, Charlie Carter Art has dedicated years to the arts and is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to develop new skills. Explore this digital portfolio and discover when those special pieces were created, what they were inspired by, and learn more about their medium. Inspired by the overall beauty of Vibrant coloured flowers Charlie has created this collection from creative memory and this latest collection is available for purchase, consisting of 85 X 85 cm Acrylic on Canvas ~ £495 not including P&P. Also available are the mini series 38 X 48 cm priced at £225 not including P&P.

Flowers 3.jpg


London, UK


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